Yuyuko is on an eating spree. Again...

Move with WASD.

Made in 72 hours during a gamejam


  • Programming: Vivid Turtle, Gman8r (lighting system, character movement)
  • Music: JRAFS
  • Art: Kasane Kujiragi
  • Level Design: Vivid Turtle

The game has been slightly tweaked after the gamejam (light radius increase and a minor bugfix), download FeedingTimeWebOriginal.zip if you want to play the original jam entry


FeedingTimeWebOriginal.zip 13 MB
FeedingTimeWin.zip 19 MB
FeedingTimeLinux.zip 36 MB


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A neat concept.  Explains why Youmu is afraid of ghosts also.

A very polished-feeling experience with simple gameplay and amusing concepts. I would have enjoyed it more with a clearer light, though. I wandered around the whole first level several times with a YuyuNO in tow, and never did find the second cake.

I thought, "What if Youmu jumped from fear and was momentarily immobile each time a YuyuNO appeared?" That might strengthen the player's panic while also being in-character for our poor ghost-fearing half-dead gardener.

Pretty good, i love the mechanic of Myon offering the light, but the light is a little too dim, and makes it hard to navigate. if it made the area a little brighter, or expanding the range it illuminates, i think it could greatly improve. I also got lost after getting yuyuko food for the 3rd time, and hitting space restarted the game. was that the end? or was i just lost...

Hitting space alone certainly should not restart the game, maybe in web version pressing it somehow trigers a button press. The game has 4 levels, feeding the last cake shows the victory screen.

Ah, i'll give it another shot later then. I love the over all concept, but i'd love an update that just makes it a tiny bit easier to see and navigate, but not too much. Keep it creepy, but not frustrating.